Mut zur Wut – Submissions 2017 - 2018
Swarm Synthesizer
Between Biological and Digital Identity
Demography vs. Topography
Story telling beyond time and space –Surveillance Art project
Vinyl: A Space Odyssey
Sekka Shibori – Interactive book
Digital Art – Doing Fashion Paper No. 6
《把酒問月》李白 – A different kind of poster
The Bird's Eye Jazz Club – Clips
one year of nyc weather
DOGGWEILER – Corporate Identity
2 webcams, 772 days, 47'457 pictures
The sound of pictures
lazar – Personal Identity
Pixelgarden/Soundscape –Artwork for annual report
Weissraum / White Space
Digital fingerprints – The traces you leave
Interactive Quotes
One movie poster per day – Imagination
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