A visual self-expression in form of a catalog consisting of six chapters, which ultimately led to a poster as final result. 

The topic for my analysis was «data collection», therefore I took material from my personal online accounts, music library, a 1:1 life-sized «scan» or photography of every body part and the roots of my name as basis for further graphical experiments. All pixelated images are cover art from my digital music collection, the statistics from social media or online accounts, the quotations are tweets I wrote at one point in the past, the abstract illustrations are partially based on the roots of my first name and the ones looking like code are text-based data files. 

The poster contains an archive of every tweet until that point and a generative random scribble as addition depending on the length of the tweet. The body parts remain 1:1 scale as in the catalog. 

Lecturer: Jiri Oplatek, claudiabasel
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