We leave traces by moving throughout the day – for example fingerprints on various objects. Equipped with the right tools, one is not only able to see those, but can also follow them until our identity is revealed.
Nowadays, as we basically live online, those traces are left in form of «digital fingerprints». The difference however is, that those have a much broader impact due to a global scale and permanent data storage. Recent revealings regarding intelligence agencies have shown the danger and potential of this kind of data – and still: not many are aware of this fact.
That’s, what this website is supposed to do. It guides an inexperienced visitor step through step through data that one leaves while moving through the internet. Every section explains what gets collected and how this can be combined to someone’s disadvantage. Finally, it not only explains the problematic in general, but suggests measures to keep the fingerprint as small as possible. Visiting the page again provides a simple verification method – since the initial colour «is» the current fingerprint and should therefore change.


This project was part of my «Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication» thesis 2015.
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